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2022-09-14 Best Bond PEVA Pipe Support Job reference
West Kowloon Cultural District - Use for Chilled water pipe
Haven of Hope Hospital - Use for PIP pipe
Penny's Bay Quarantine Center - Use for Water and Refrigerant pipe

2022-02-17 Examining the Range of Wilden AODD Pump Diaphragm Materials and Designss
It’s a fact of life in any industry that technologies will evolve over time. So it is with the diaphragms that are an integral component in – and actually give the name to – Wilden® Air-Operated Double-Diaphragm (AODD) pumps. When Jim Wilden invented this landmark pumping technology in 1955, there was one diaphragm material option. Over the years, though, the menu of diaphragm designs and materials of construction has expanded to the point where there are options today that can be dialed in for use in even the most specific or unique liquid-handling applications.
The initial AODD pump diaphragm was a pie-shape design constructed of rubber compounds like neoprene and Buna-N. Rubber was the obvious choice at that time because it was the only material that could withstand the repeated flexing that is inherent in diaphragm operation. It was discovered that after extended use, the pie-shape transformed into a more convoluted shape. Seeing as this was the more natural form, the first attempt to improve on basic pie-shaped rubber came with the invention of the Ultra-Flex diaphragm design, a convoluted diaphragm shape – which led to extending the life of the diaphragm more than the traditional pie-shape.
To help extend the application and temperature range of the diaphragms, thermoplastic elastomers, or TPEs, were the next frontier. With TPE materials such as Santoprene®, Hytrel®, Geolast® and Polyurethane, Wilden TPE diaphragms were able to better handle abrasion, chemical resistance, fats/oils, slurries and other materials while also improving diaphragm flex life.
However, the pie-shape design of these diaphragms still had its shortcomings. For one, it needed to be inverted when, which required a fair bit of effort and force to ensure proper installation. This led to the next iteration of the diaphragm design, the EZ-Install. True to its name, the EZ-Install featured a new convoluted shape that eliminated the need to invert the diaphragm during installation, making it easier, faster and safer to install.
After the release of EZ-Install diaphragms, the next advancement was adding PTFE diaphragms to the portfolio. Wilden’s first PTFE models featured smaller inner and outer pistons, reduced-stroke operation (hence, lower flow rates) and a rubber backup diaphragm. Despite their advantages, these early models had poor flexibility since the PTFE was more rigid, like a Tupperware-type material. Over time, the evolution of PTFE materials allowed the creation of full-stroke models that could use the same size outer and inner pistons as the rubber and TPE styles for 20% to 40% increased flow rates. These models also have a TPE backup diaphragm for even better flexibility.
As Wilden continued to release additional diaphragm materials and designs, it became obvious that these advancements were having a profound impact on diaphragm maintenance while leading to increased performance and diaphragm life. Therefore, the Wilden engineering team decided to focus on improving their traditional diaphragm design.
For example, traditional pie-shape diaphragms have an inner and outer piston. With the outer piston and diaphragm meeting point being a vulnerable spot, a lot of diaphragm ruptures and leaks occur here due to outer piston abrasion. It also can be a trap area that can increase wear when pumping abrasive fluids or harbor bacteria in hygienic applications.
This leads to the latest advance in TPE diaphragms, the patented Chem-Fuse and Pure-Fuse Integral Piston Diaphragm (IPD) design. The IPD design features a configuration that encases the outer piston within the diaphragm material, eliminating the outer piston abrasion and trap area. This gives the Chem-Fuse and Pure-Fuse diaphragms significantly longer life than any other diaphragm available today. Chem-Fuse is perfect for abrasive chemical applications while Pure-Fuse is certified and excellent for hygienic and sanitary clean-in-place (CIP) applications.
With a global shift towards energy-efficient solutions and best-production practices, Wilden’s focus has evolved to address these concerns while still maintaining the high performance, quality and customer satisfaction for which Wilden is known. This is why Wilden is dedicated to delivering diaphragm solutions that are more simple, reliable and efficient when compared to competitive options.

2020-10-21 Best Bond PEVA Duct Support Job reference
Best Bond PEVA British Standard Class 'O' Duct Support At No.21 Choi Hung Road

2011-06-30 Caterpillar Hong Kong has upgraded a 25 year old dyno from 2,500 to 3,000 HP
An over 25 years old Power Test dynamometer used by the Caterpillar Hong Kong has been upgraded from 2,500 to 3,000 HP.

Proven dependability and durability of this dynamometer has been achieved from the durability of the parts that were engineered more than 30 years ago and are proven thru their years of reliable performance.

We assist customer with parts fitment because there have been minor changes over the years thru manufacturer's drive to continually improve its product. This dyno, although built over 25 years ago as a manually controlled dyno, can be easily upgraded to enjoy all automated controls and data acquisition of Power Test modern day standards because dyno absorber is relatively unchanged.

This 25 years old dyno has been completed the upgrading and continues its servicing in June this summer.

2010-01-13 CLP Black Point Power Station
After the sucessful modification for the two air intake chambers of the gas turbine gensets for the CLP Power at the Black Point Power Station in Hong Kong, Freudenberg's Compact Pocket Filter T 60 has gained approval and trusted by the station's management team. The T 60's outstanding performance was proved by our client after a 14 month continously operation without replacement. As advised, a filter replacement had to carried out every three to four months before our modification. The modification has already shown a big return of money by no filter replacement and less air pressure differential during the last 14 months. Therefore, higher power output and no loss of power during filter replacement is acheived.

For more details, please contact Edmond Yan

2009-06-30 Hong Kong Government Dockyard has Hong Kong's most advanced diesel engine testing and exhaust gas analyzing system
The Government Fleet Division (GFD) manages and maintains the Government Dockyard (GD) which serves as a maintenance base for about 795 operational vessels of different types and sizes, of which about 116 are major mechanised vessels and about 75 are speed boats. Over 45 mechanized vessels are used as marine transport or special tasks by various government departments and these vessels use GD as the operational base and are provided with operational crew by Marine Department.

Planned and unplanned Maintenance of government vessels are performed regularly and repairs are carried out as and when necessary, about 90 % of which are performed by private contractors and remaining 10 % by in-house skill staff of GD. The Maintenance Section in GD monitors the work done by the contractors and ensures the work is completed in accordance with the job specifications.

In 2008 fall, GD had decided to upgrade its existing Power Test dynamometer with manual data acquisition system to meet and fulfill the current standard for diesel engine testing and contacted Power Test, Inc. USA for assistance. As the local partner of Power Test, Inc. in Hong Kong and China, we successfully completed the modification, installation, commissioning and on-site operational training (both theory and hands-on trainings inclusive) for the GD in 2009 summer. The new system is the most advanced integral diesel engine testing and computerized data acquisition and control with exhaust gas analyzing system in Hong Kong.

The new system includes:

1. One unit of modified Power Test 25X08 Dynamometer
2. One set of new titanium plate type heat exchanger for sea water cooling
3. One set of new Power Test Dynamic Fuel Measurement System
4. One set of new Power Test PowernetLT Data Acquisition and Control System
5. One set of new Lancom-III 9-Gas Emission Analyzer System

For detail project information, please contact Edmond Yan at